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From frazzled to fierce

We know the feeling… The one where you may feel exhausted, empty, and maybe even a bit irritable—THAT feeling.

We get you… and we’re here for you too. Check out the content we’ve curated for you to get you through the hard days. 💪🏾

Welcome to Holland

Welcome to Holland” is an essay, written about having a child with a disability.

The author wrote the piece based on her own experiences with her son and changing views through parenthood.

Meet Kalena

Philly’s own rose that grew from concrete, Kalena has two sons on the autism spectrum and knows how to do anything but fail. Check out her vlog channel for uplifting content from her family AND her poetry channel for down-to-earth, relatable rhymes. Mic check, 1, 2, 1, 2…

Autism in Black

While we could post every episode from this podcast, this particular episode features Jasmine Poole who talks about her autism parent journey with her son. She talks about how she navigated through some of the challenging times and how she keeps a positive mindset.