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In addition to parenting, working, and slaying at life, many group members of Au-Parents Need[.] are also gifted visionaries, talented artists, and natural creatives.

Rece Wants Cereal

A young, non-verbal boy with autism wants his beloved cereal. He learns how to get it despite his inability to use his voice to talk.

All Organic by Poppa Shop

Organic baby and toddler food.

My Brother’s Keeper

My brother’s keeper was written to shed light on what Autism is, and shows the reader that children with disabilities aren’t very different from children whom are typically developed.

Au-some Apparel

Masks, hats, bow ties and more! When you’re looking for autism awareness attire, make Au-some Apparel your one-stop shop.

The Autism in Black Podcast

The Autism in Black Podcast focuses on all things Autism and the Black Parent experience.

Picture This, Picture That

Taahir is a four-year-old autistic boy whose brains work a little differently. He communicates in a special way but he likes to have fun just like you. Is there a special way you communicate with other people? What things do you have in common with Taahir?

Welcome to Cam’s World

A book to help kids understand that it’s okay if other children are different from them, and that we are all different in our own way and shouldn’t judge one another for being such.

Along Came Autism

A story about the relationship between a mother and her daughter as they break through the first 200 weeks of a new Autism diagnosis.

Along Came Autism

“Get to Know Monroe” takes you on a poetic journey through a day in the life of five-year-old Monroe. You’ll find out all her favorite things and what makes her so special.

What About Me

A book about a boy named David and his mom going through the challenges of inclusion in a child care center and how implementing different strategies will assist David to adjust to his new environment.

Come Meet Drayden

Come along and meet Drayden! Drayden’s siblings will be sharing what a typical day with Drayden is like. Drayden has Autism and is completely awesome! We hope you enjoy getting to know Drayden.

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