Who We Are

Au-Parents Need[.] aims to help caregivers feel understood and supported. Every member of Au-Parents Need[.] has a person in their life who is on the autism spectrum. We know what it’s like to have a family member who may have challenges with speech and verbal communication, social skills, repetitive behaviors, and obsessive interests. Therapies, IEP meetings, doctor appointments… we’re about that life.

Au-Parents Need[.] is a virtual support group, a virtual club where “Au” parents (caregivers of people on the autism spectrum) can meet to talk about their lives and share resources, and speak to various subject matter experts from assorted fields. We Zoomed before it was cool. 💁‍♂️

We’re heavy on the virtual experience. We understand that Au-Parents have busy schedules and even busier lives. Joining us online means you don’t have to find a babysitter, spend time away from your home, or limit your village to just the people you know in your area.

Check out our super ausome version of the “Don’t Rush” Challenge.

What People Say

“I look forward to Wednesday nights. On Wednesday the support group provides us a safe place to share information and stories, discuss our experiences of living with autism, and get great advice from one another on anything, from discipline to IEPs to dating! More importantly it’s place where I feel seen and heard by people who get it.”

– Jamila G., NJ

“The Autism Parents Need[.] group has been a lifesaver for me. It’s informative, a place to vent, be free, enjoy friendships and most importantly, be a support to each other.”

– Janelle J., LA

“To be a member of the Au-Parent Need[.] group means to be a part of a special family! Every week I get to vent, learn, and empathize with people in different parts of the world that understands exactly how I feel before I finish my sentence! We laugh, we joke, we educate and uplift each other in the group and outside as well! I love my new family of Au-Parents they are the strongest people I know!!!!!!

– Nikita K., GA

“Au-Parents Need[.] is exactly what parents need. I’ve never felt so at home and understood as I have in this group. The support you receive from the other members and the safety of knowing you are in a judgement-free zone is what truly makes it so amazing.”

– Maria D., FL

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