Connecting with other people should be pretty easy. There are plenty of online services that couple people who want to date, help entrepreneurs build their brand, and allow family and friends to share pictures from trips and hip restaurants. But when it comes to supporting a more niche demographic, like caregivers, the pickings are slim. There just aren’t as many resources for parents of children with special needs.

That’s where Au-Parents Need[.] comes in.

Au-Parents Need[.] is a virtual support group, a place where “Au” parents (caregivers of people on the autism spectrum) can join and feel supported, regardless of their residence in the world.

Au-Parents need…

  • Trusted, local resources for physical, mental, social, and financial aid
  • Encouragement on the good days, and empathy on the tough days
  • Experienced advice, even for really specific matters (you know the ones 😏)

…and that’s exactly the kind of support we intend on providing.

Feel free to explore what the site has to offer and sign up for our membership to join our weekly Zoom call and more exclusive benefits.